August 2023 Bee

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1565 E Warner. Tempe

June 2023 report

Donated 42 quilts

Attendance 17

July is usually a low attendance month.  I have used the time to set up a new website.  The old site was dormant and I didn’t have access to it.  Check out the new website.      The new site is  The old site was   ( .org   slight difference.)

With the new website I will continue to email the newsletter to my current list of attendees. For the next two months, I will send an email to past and current email lists. If you are not on the current list but would like to be, please let me know and I will update your contact information. You are always welcome on the website.

We are working on holiday quilts.  The quilts need to be ready for distribution a month before the holiday.  In June I brought 20 Halloween and fall kits, all were taken home. Please bring your tops to be quilted. Any kits that aren’t completed will be saved for next year’s holiday.

When you sign in, don’t forget to sign one red ticket for the door prize.

Let me know if you need me to bring anything.  I will have labels.